The Herbal Care Center

Open For Business in Chicago

The Herbal Care Center, located at 1301 S. Western Ave. in Chicago, opened on February 6th after a transformational renovation of a former Firestone Tire Center.   This is the second medical marijuana facility Macon Construction has completed since they were approved in the state of Illinois.   The project was initially supposed to be 16 weeks long with a drop-dead completion date that was dictated by the State for inspections.  We knew at the start of this project that it would be tight due to the amount of work to be done and the poor condition of the abandoned building, but we were confident we could hit our date.   The stringent security regulations a medical marijuana dispensary requires presents challenges that are not typical of other projects, but our previous experience proved invaluable.  To make things even more challenging, construction start was delayed 4 weeks due to permitting issues with the city, but the state completion deadline remained the same.  The client had no option – it had to be done on the original completion date or their license would be at risk.  Our superintendent and project management team were up to the challenge and after many long hours and weekends they delivered the space in time for state inspections – in just 12 weeks – 4 weeks faster than the original schedule.