Founded in 1988, Macon Construction is a professional general contractor offering a wide range of construction services. From the inception of each project we work as a team to bring projects to completion on time and within budget with an unrelenting commitment to quality and detail. Each project is met with the same client-oriented approach; from Administrative Staff to Project Managers, Superintendents and Customer Service Representatives.

Macon has assembled a professional staff who average more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry enabling us to manage the entire construction process with confidence taking full responsibility for superior results. From preliminary review of client goals and needs, through project close-out, we are committed to maintaining our reputation as one of the Chicago area’s most respected construction firms. Our focus is on exceeding client expectations and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.


Safety First

Macon considers safety our primary concern, with the goal of zero incidents being recognized by all our employees. This commitment is filtered down to all employees through various means so that employees recognize and appreciate our concern for their health and safety on-site. As part of our overall program, we actively keep safety in the forefront by:

  • Conducting on-site safety training meetings for all managers.
  • Attending safety seminars presented by our insurer.
  • Distributing safety information and materials to each jobsite including OSHA Regulations, posters, forms, etc.
  • Opening each jobsite meeting with discussion of safety procedures with emphasis on toolbox meetings for each trade.
  • Conducting inspections of the jobsite on a regular basis by our Site Manager, Construction Manager and Insurance Representative.


As conceptual plans and early schematic information become available Macon begins to prepare the preliminary detailed budget estimates for review and consideration by the Client. These estimates are organized and follow the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) major division categories. Historical cost data is utilized as a reference for building components which have not been fully developed.

As the preliminary documents progress and begin to show in more detail the extent of work to be performed, Macon will prepare more definitive budget estimates. These estimates will be the basis for design adjustments to ensure that the final budget is consistent with the Client’s objectives. Any updating of the established budget is performed to measure and control the design progress in comparison with previously approved budgets.

Macon develops internal estimates in the architectural, structural, civil, mechanical and electrical trades. These estimates are rigorously checked against those bids submitted by the individual subcontractors. Macon’s extensive historical data from comparable projects enable us to evaluate the relative costs and benefits of alternate systems.

Tools + Technology

We understand that one of the most integral components of a successful project is organization, archiving, and communication.

It is important that our clients have access to any necessary project documents and photos. A few of the programs we utilize on our projects are Building Connected, Procore, and Holobuilder.


Building Connected


HoloBuilder 360°


Microsoft Project


Microsoft Teams




Sensera Systems